Air Compressor Parts

Air compressor parts are used in air compressors and replaced due to wear and usage. There are several basic types of products. Air compressor filters are cylinder-shaped devices that remove water, oil, oil vapor dirt and other contaminants from a compressed air supply. Air compressor valves regulate air intake and exhaust. Air compressor impellers force the flow of air in a specific direction. Air compressor motors use alternating current (AC), direct current (DC), gasoline, or diesel fuel to power air compressors. Pressure regulators are used to raise, reduce and/or regulate the air pressure. Lubricators in compressed air lines atomize oil into aerosol form for injection into the air stream. These air compressor parts provide downstream lubrication of pneumatic tools, cylinders, motors and valves. Block and bleed valves are used to isolate the high-pressure sections of a pressurized air system. Air compressor parts such as breathers, pistons, and pressure gauges are also commonly available.

Specifications for air compressor parts differ by product type. Air compressor filters use paper or polyester filter elements and may contain foam pre-filters. Parameters include inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), height, maximum flow, surface area, and percentage efficiency. Air compressor valves and block-and-bleed valves carry specifications such as valve size, valve flow coefficient, pressure rating, and connection type. Air compressor impellers are made of aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, plastic, rubber, or stainless steel. They differ in terms of number of blades or vanes and bore size. Parameters for air compressor motors include shape, style, voltage, frequency, phase, shaft speed, continuous output power, continuous torque, gearbox ratio, and gearbox efficiency. Regulating or adjustment range is the most important parameter to consider when selecting pressure regulators. Lubricators differ in terms of shape, size, and configuration. Air compressor parts such as pressure gauges can use analog or digital displays.

Air compressor parts are available from both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket suppliers. Some companies provide ring seals, after-cooler kits, air / oil separators, bearings, blades, blow-off columns, buffer discs, bushings, check valves kits, circuit breakers, cooler kits, discs, disc valves, gaskets, grommets, nozzles, oil filters, and O-rings. Others suppliers provide springs, coil springs, switches, strainers, thermostats, valves, washers, and crankshafts. Air compressor parts such as couplings, coupling sets, cushion plates, cylinder heads, diaphragms, drive belts, fans, and followers are also commonly available.

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